1. Deep down, you already know why real health is important: Laughter. Fresh-cut grass. Fireflies. Stars. Delight in the eyes of someone you love. Delight in your eyes. Your favorite moments. Your entire life. Without health, none of this would be possible. 
  2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We typically take health for granted and don’t even think about it—unless it’s missing. Then it’s gold. 
  3. Treating illness is not the same as creating health. Discussions about healthcare, insurance, problems, and pathology don’t address health itself. We need a radical new understanding of what health actually is. Just for the moment, let go of any preconceptions. Set aside any partisanship. Go deeper. Think. 
  4. Real health comes from within and must be cultivated. It can’t be bought or sold. It doesn’t come in a pill or procedure. It’s not just the absence of illness. 
  5. Real health is natural. It works the same way life does. 
  6. Life is movement. There is no stasis. You’re either progressing—or regressing. Which are you choosing? 
  7. You have more power than you think—more than anyone else in the room when it comes to your health. 
  8. Learning about your potential for real health is like Harry Potter finding out he’s a wizard. You discover a hidden, powerful force inside that can be cultivated. 
  9. Some people feel that force and know the power it gives them to adapt, innovate, and prosper in high-demand situations. They cultivate a special kind of health that gives them potent personal and professional advantages. These people are rare, but their numbers are growing. 
  10. Real health is something you produce, not consume. 
  11. How to produce your own health: See the big picture, not just the details. Diet and fitness are details. Even mindfulness doesn’t complete the picture. Discover real health’s other aspects. Learn how to create health across the board, and get going. (Get a free Solo Guide to Real Health above.) 
  1. Real health is egalitarian and affordable. Everyone can enjoy it, regardless of age, education, wealth, ability, or anything else. 
  2. You get to decide. If you could have real health, would you choose it? Right now? 
  3. Real health takes time, but you can feel it immediately in small ways. The more you focus on it, the more it grows. 
  4. Real health is like a well-tuned guitar, a well-toned muscle, or a well-tended garden. Guitars sound better when played regularly. Muscles need work to grow strong. Gardens must be cultivated to produce a bounty. Even small efforts, applied steadily, pay off. 
  5. Dwell in possibility and potential. Imagine what you really want for your health, choose to have it, and take small, daily steps to get there. 
  6. Growth mindsets rule, but thinking must be paired with doing. Don’t just read and scroll. Embrace a high-health mindset and a bias toward action
  7. Caution: the gold of real health is guarded by real-life dragons—passivity, comfort, the status quo, time, distractions, overload, and the desire for quick fixes. Want the gold? Slay the dragons. 
  8. Keep the streak going. Every day offers opportunities to cultivate health. 
  9. The best insurance is not needing to use any
  10. Have courage. Real health takes confidence. The paths aren’t well-known because so few people choose to travel them. Blaze your own trail. If you want a guide, we can help
  11. Real health is an adventure. Whether you set out on your own or join a band of fellow adventurers, we wish you all success.
  12. Real health is contagious. Spread it: #RealHealthManifesto.

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Real health is something you produce, not consume.

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